Thursday, 22 February 2018

Earthquake Memorial

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As you may remember today was the memorial of the Christchurch earthquake and it is the seven year anniversary. On this sad day the Hillary Hub paid our respects to all who died and their families, during our memorial we all said this prayer:
Today is the time to pray.
Today is the time to hope.
Today is the time to mourn.
Today as a school community and as a
New Zealand community we stop to
think about and pray for those affected
by the earthquake in Christchurch

Here is a photo of the tree:

       This is a picture of some pupils in the Hillary
Hub, standing by the flowers     
under the tree.

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Written by,
Media team members
Erikka and Georgia


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  1. It was a beautiful memorial - I was very proud to see how respectful you all were. Great post media team.